The Best Smartphones for Business Use

When we conduct a smartphone comparison, we divide them into various categories: those with the best multimedia features, wide range of applications, clearest cameras, and then there are those which are the best for business needs. Some smartphones in the market today have been designed with the busy businessman in virtually every level in management in mind. They serve much more than just making calls; they make emailing and messaging more efficient, offer web surfing capabilities, have document viewers and also have clear digital cameras. We’ve rounded up the top three smartphones for business use here for you:

BlackBerry Curve

One of the newest models to be released by BlackBerry, the Curve is the lightest and most compact smartphone with a QWERTY keypad in the market today. BlackBerry has long been recognized as one of the best models for business, and it also features a push mail feature for fast messaging. It also comes with 64 MB internal memory, which is great for bringing your applications and documents on the go.

For those who are looking to use the BlackBerry Curve to hold a large amount of digital files such as music and audio, you have the option of supplementing the internal memory with the use of a micro SD card. It also comes with Bluetooth and can be used as a modem for connecting your laptop or tablet to the internet.


This compact QWERTY phone has powerful connectivity for portable yet efficient communication on the go. This Motorola model is a well-loved choice for business, according to recent smartphone comparison reviews, because of its lightweight form and thinness, although you still won’t forget you are carrying a powerful mobile in your pocket.

The phone runs on Windows Mobile 6, making it easy for PC users to sync their contacts, Outlook, messages, documents, calendar, and so much more. It’s also popular for its Documents To Go feature, so that users can easily create, view, and edit their Microsoft documents such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and many more. It also offers Instant Messaging features so you can keep in touch with business contacts while on the go.

LG Voyager

This is one of the most versatile choices when it comes to business models according to our survey in smartphone comparison. The LG Voyager features a high-resolution touch screen but can also open up to a full QWERTY keyboard for those who are looking to create lengthy messages or emails conveniently. It may not have built-in WiFi, but it does have 3G connectivity. It also features a browser that can load pages seamlessly and without any problems, for easy web surfing.

Users can expand the phone’s memory as it allows the use for SD cards to store an additional 8GB of memory. Other notable features include the music player, camera, and instant messaging for fast and easy communication.


These models are all you’ll need when shopping around for the best smartphone for business use. They come in a wide variety of sizes and weights, and they’re definitely heavy in functionality—which really is the most important thing when it comes to selecting phones for business use.

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