The Future of BlackBerry OS

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the BlackBerry Torch 9850 are two of the latest releases from BlackBerry. Both these smartphones may easily hold their own in the battle for smartphone supremacy, where Android and Apple devices are in the lead and Windows is gaining.

BlackBerry smartphones have great features—but in the long run, will they be able to reign supreme in the smartphone game?

The Current Trend in Smartphones

The truth is that BlackBerry needs to make some serious additions if they want to last longer in the industry.

The current trend is clear. Smartphones aren’t used just for texting and calling. They’re used for professional tasks as well as for entertainment.

Similar Performance Among Different Brands

The BlackBerry OS present in both the Bold 9900 and the Torch 9850 is almost as powerful as the Android OS of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the iOS of the iPhone 4S.

All three operating systems have multitasking functions. All three models have powerful processors inside them. They can all pretty much do the things that you want them to do.

BlackBerry’s Pros: Network and Messenger

And the truth is that BlackBerry OS even has a clear advantage over other mobile operating systems. BlackBerry has their own private and secure instant messaging system and network capability. If you buy a BlackBerry, you can choose to register with their network and messenger for an affordable price each month. With this network, you gain an Internet connection no matter where you are. If you’re in a place with no Wi-Fi, the BlackBerry network has you covered.

With the BlackBerry Messenger, you gain access to a large network of fellow BB users and you can send instant messages to them no matter where you or your chatmate may be. This is definitely useful when you want to talk to someone overseas because it saves a lot on international fees.

The BB messenger and network are the staple features of BlackBerry and definitely work in their favor. Unfortunately, the current trend in smartphones is that they’re not only being used for messaging and surfing. They’re also being used as gaming consoles and office assistants.

BlackBerry’s Cons: App Selection

If you look at the app marketplaces, you’ll notice that most of the apps sold in Apple’s App Store are also sold in Android’s App Market. However, more than half of these apps aren’t in BlackBerry’s App World.

Most people buy BlackBerry smartphones because the design is sexy and the BB Messenger is cool. Still, a lot of people are ignoring BlackBerries because they don’t have much of an app list.

The truth is that BlackBerry can produce the best devices in the world, but if people can’t do much with their BlackBerries in terms of apps, they’ll end up choosing other smartphone brands.

Bring On the Apps

If BlackBerry manages to populate their App World with more and better apps, they’ll surely turn the tides to their favor. A private and secure network combined with the best apps will definitely entice people into buying more BlackBerry models.

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